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How to use Alientech K-tag Tool Training Demonstration video. If you are fairly new to tuning, or even if you are not. Bench tuning and remapping with direct connect to the ECU can look a bit daunting. But, do not worry, we are here to help. In this free online video tour and demonstration we will show you just how easy tuning with the Alientech K-Tag tuning tool can be.

In this “How to use Alientech K-tag Tool Training Demonstration” video we will cover how to install and set up your K-Tag. What’s in the box, what it covers and how to connect to an ECU. And how to read and write a software file to an ECU and more. Step by step we will cover how to connect directly to an ECU board with probes and connectors. And how to tune with the service mode function so you do not have to open the ECU if you don’t need to.

If you have not already purchased your tuning tools, kess and K-tag, VIEZU supply most systems and tools in the industry. Stocking both master and slave tuning tools available for dispatch. Master file writing software is also available, with trade discounted prices. Worldwide shipping and tax free international sales can be arranged too. And all tuning tools come with installation support and training. You can see the range of tuning tools here in the VIEZU Academy SHOP

Tuning file service is open 7 days a week from 7am GMT every day. Tuning files are custom and bespoke to the vehicle, modifications and the drivers requirements. And if you are looking to learn to write your own tuning files and Software. Viezu offers a full range or master file wring training courses both online and in house, in classroom learning.

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