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Training Courses | WinOLS Training – 5 Day Advanced Tuning Course

WinOLS Training – 5 Day Advanced Tuning Course

The Viezu Technical Academy provides the best WinOLS training courses available anywhere in the world. Want to learn WinOLS? Look no further than our advanced tuning courses, including both diesel & petrol/gasoline tuning with WinOLS. 

WinOLS Course: 5 Day Advanced Tuning Course (Diesel & Gasoline)

Learn to master EVC WinOLS in just 5 days with our combined Diesel & Gasoline WinOLS course.

With our EVC WinOLS Training Course you will learn how to remap both diesel and gasoline engines, over a short yet intensive 5 day remapping course focusing on EVC’s WinOLS software.

This course is perfect for someone who has previous map writing experience and is already tuning engines in some capacity. The nature of this 5-day WinOLS training course will help expand your tuning knowledge and prowess significantly.

WinOLS is an advanced system that allows you complete control of your tuning, identify hidden maps and limiters. This training programme will allow you to use the ECU software at a more advanced level.

EVC WinOLS Training Course 5 Days – Pre-Requisites:

As with all of our training courses, this programme is only available to users of genuine EVC WinOLS software; if you do not currently have the software then a demonstration version can be made available to you.

0% Finance Available on this training course to UK residents over 18 years of age and subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact the Viezu Sales Support Team on 01789 774444 or email to explore your payment options.

EVC WinOLS Demonstration

WinOLS Training Overview:

We will cover a full tour, explanation and demonstration of EVCs WinOLS and its map editing capabilities.

Our WinOLS tutorials are world-leading and delivered with a unique learning style, incorporating NLP and real-world examples to ensure knowledge is not only transferred but understood.

Unlike all other WinOLS training courses, the Viezu Technical Academy courses are very hands-on and practical; you will have the opportunity to test what you have learnt in our fully equipped workshop.

The 5 Day EVC WinOLS Training course will include both Gasoline and Diesel tuning and will cover the following:

  • Learn the commands and logic of WinOLS. We cover every aspect of the software and its tuning capabilities to ensure you have a fast and productive return on your learning investment.
  • How to correctly setup and configure the WinOLS system to make it as easy to use, navigate and operate as possible
  • Teach you how to be self-sufficient with WinOLS, meaning that you will be able to locate and find all the necessary maps for tuning, in the ECU’s that are specific for your market and your clients’ tuning requirements.
  • We cover all ECUs, not just the common BOSCH ECUs. This means that if you are a tuner who covers a wide variety of ECU’s, then we can support you and ensure what you learn is still relevant to your trade.
  • You will learn the correct and safe methodology to tune any car you want with stage 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 all covered through the training.
  • See the classification of maps. Map identification is not just limited to the basic spark/fuel/boost that is easy to find – we show you everything!
  • Learn all of the WinOLS shortcuts and time-saving techniques, to compare changes from various projects and tunes you have already made and how to import those map changes over with the click of a button.
  • With full DAMOS / A2l map support you will learn how to use these extremely important files for map development. Whether you are tuning a car for the economy or you are supercharging an RS4, we can show you what to do.
  • Learn to make map packs. Throughout the training, you will be making your own map packs with full data conversions with all the correct factors for formula required.
  • How to create WinOLS projects. With all of our training, we help you build your projects and structures so you can hit the ground “tuning” when you get back to your workshop.
  • EGR / DPF / ADD-BLUE / VMAX / O2 removal / Hard cut limiters / Pop-corn limiters / POP & BANG over run / LC … etc etc are all elements that we train on. Learn to do things the correct way within WinOLS.
  • Important functions and checks, the effective and correct us of EVC WinOLS. With the features of WinOLS and the advanced tuning training that we provide on our courses you will learn how to use WinOLS to transform your tuning business with files tuneable in a few minutes.
  • Viezu Technologies support all training delegates with on-going support / help and advice after the training with map-packs, supermap packs, damos files, A2l files and even aspiration conversion support.
  • Dyno Tuning and Training: Our training is backed by our 3000hp Mustang Rolling road in our workshop. Take the training and apply it to a real life vehicle in the workshop on the dyno. Write files live to real ECUs on real cars in a real working workshop.

Why use the Viezu Technical Academy for your WinOLS training?

Viezu is the only ISO certified tuning trainer in the world – audited by the British standard institute

Our tuning training is certificated – IMI (Institute Of the Motor Industry) – this is unique to the Viezu Technical Academy and carries huge weight. It shows the quality of what we do is recognised by the UK’s leading motor industry authority

WinOLS Course Dates Visit the Course Calendar

For further information on this course email, or call us on +44(0)1789 774444.

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