What is WinOls?

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WinOls is a dedicated program designed to modify the data memory of ECUs (Engine Control Units). The WinOls software helps you search and find maps within the ECU data file. Through several different methods, you are able edit and modify the data file.

Each original file you open is available as a ‘project’. Each modified file you save in that project is a version. You can save up to 200 versions within a project, allowing for very extensive research and development programs.

Where can I get WinOls from?

Viezu Technologies is the Official Training and Sales distributor for EVC. With all EVC WinOls software and hardware products and packages available for sale. Purchasing from Viezu is extremely simple. You can purchase online through our store, via email or the good old fashioned way over the phone. We can have you set up and using your WinOls program in a matter of minutes, it really is that straightforward.



Knowledge is power WinOls

Is WinOls really difficult ?

Yes… but no… WinOls is an extremely advanced piece of software. It allows for tuners to carry out the most basic of alterations and modifications to an ECU file. It also allows for extremely complex, high level tuning and ecu remapping. Upgrades from stage 1 through to stage 5,6, 7 and beyond are all possible with WinOls.

WinOLS program

The biggest roadblock to using WinOls is knowledge. You need to get yourself on an EVC training course for WinOls to make the most of it. This also makes sure that you do not get into any ‘bad habits’ early on that become impossible to break when you dig deeper into the program’s capabilities.

Where is the WinOls Training ?

Viezu Technologies HQ! Viezu Technologies is the authorised EVC distributor and training centre based in the UK. We have helped many, many students from all over the world get to grips with WinOls for their specific needs. Viezu offer courses from one day on a specialised subject on a one to one basis, through to the world’s only WinOls Training 5-day gasoline and diesel combined course.

There are 3-day courses for gasoline or diesel along with longer 5-day courses on gasoline or diesel.

The course that has been the most in-demand is the 5 day combined gasoline and diesel course in WinOls.

This takes the training course delegates through an intense 5 days of training and practical application of the course material and knowledge learned by the delegates through the course.

WinOls training course

Where can I attend the training course?

Courses are primarily at the UK at Viezu Technologies HQ near Stratford upon Avon. Internationally training courses are also available


WinOls Training Centre

What if I cannot travel? Or live far away? Can I learn online?

Yes of course you can?

We offer the world’s only online WinOls training program to help facilitate the training requirements of people all over the world. Without the need of travelling around the world to come and see us.

The sessions utilise skype and remote viewing technology to take you through the training material and vehicle ECUs specific to your market and requirements.

Where do I sign up?

Contact info@viezu.com to get a course prospectus today.

You can also reach us on the phone on +44 (0)1789774444

WinOls is the premiere ECU tuning program, do not wait for the competition to pass you by, get yourself booked on the next available course today to stay ahead of your competitors.

For further details of our: EVC WinOls Training – New 5 day WinOls Training Course complete the form below or call us on +44(0)1789 774444.:

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